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            Fire & Safety


            19-21 December 2020

            Karachi Expo Centre

            Why Exhibit

            Why Exhibit

            Why Exhibit?

            Fire & Safety Asia shall provide an exclusive plateform for all the stake holders of the industry to highlight and showcase the latest products and services. The fire safety and rescue event shall help bring latest technologies to Pakistan and generate numerous opportunities for Agency, Distribution and Joint Ventures. The Fire Safety & Security Exhibition shall host Professional end user attendance represents decision-makers from key industry categories to network, share expertise and do business. The event is expected to host over 200 exhibitors feature technology and services including hardware, software, network, delivery and content from around the globe.

            Top Reasons to Attend

            1. Find the latest industry solutions all in one place. The fire safety event shall bring together the latest products & services from the industries, making it a must visit event.
            2. Leading suppliers from the fire fighting & protection industry will be exhibiting at the event and discover things you cannot learn by just browsing through a catalogue!
            3. Engage face-to-face with suppliers to solve problems on the spot.
            4. Interact with peers in the profession


            See our step by step guide on how to make the most of your visit.
            1. Set clear business objectives - define what you are hoping to achieve from the event.
            2. Identify and connect the people you want to meet - select the sessions and exhibitors you want to see.
            3. Promote your business. For sponsorship and advertising opportunities, please contact our sales team.
            4. Print an event floor plan.
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